Handmade skirts

Hello everyone!  Life is good.
Maybe you have been super busy you haven’t noticed my lack of posting. :-)
In the last year I set some very high goals.
The journey has been both challenging and rewarding.
I’ve been focusing on licensing opportunities,
working on a book project and starting a new business. (more about this soon!)
I pour my heart into these projects and sometimes forget about sharing the process.
Thanks always for following my creative endeavors.
My desire is to be balanced in my personal life, social media, and business.
Here is a fun project I sewed for my daughter and I.
I used vintage drapes that I picked up while thrifting and
improvised the Simplicity pattern 2410 by adding pockets.
It turned out so cute & comfy.
Handmade skirts ©Mandy LynneHandmade skirts..©Mandy LynneHandmade skirts.. ©Mandy Lynne©Mandy LynneHandmade skirts ©Mandy Lynne Continue reading


My sisters and our girls treated Mom to a tea party for her 60th birthday!

lunch and tea.. it’s one of her favorite things.

Birthday tea party

I must say I feel very blessed to be her daughter.
She is our family’s quiet strength.. praying circles around us.
Her love & example always inspire me to be better.
Love you Mom xx

Sleepy masks

I have a very crafty little girl who is always up to something creative.
I began teaching her basic stitching earlier this year and she loves it.
She has this sweet way of talking me into little projects.
Thank goodness for Pinterest! :)
This time it was sleepy masks.. and even her brother got in on the action.
They chose their own characters and I made the patterns for them.

For a couple of kids that are still a bit afraid of the dark,

they sure like their sleepy masks. Maybe we discovered a secret!©MandyLynne sleep masks

On the trail

It has been a beautiful season and we’ve taken every opportunity to do our favorite things.

Camping, canoeing, hiking, exploring.. collecting bits of nature along the way.
We go about it the old fashioned way with our tent and sleeping bags.
I love the smell of smoking firewood, telling stories, sipping hot cocoa and waking up to foggy early morning air.
It feels great to slow down and take it all in.

©Mandy Lynne hike
A few weeks ago I met up with my dear friend Angela Staehling and her family for a hike on the Lewis & Clark trail.
It was a colorful hike and we found so much inspiration for art projects.
©Mandy Lynne hike.@MandyLynne nature©MandyLynne fall

Fall favorites

©MandyLynne bunny

So.. we added a few pets to our life.
Bentley our netherland dwarf  bunny and Millie our (generic from the pet store?) hamster..
who is naturally the most entertaining adorable ball of fur ever.
She rolls around the house in her ball

and stuffs her mouth much too full when given her favorites.. like dandelions and fruit.

These pets are so special to the kids and it’s a great way to learn a little responsibility by caring for a pet.

©MandyLynne hamster

©MandyLynne Fall.


This VW belongs to a sweet  family we know from school.
We had way too much fun pretending it was ours for a while. ;-)

©MandyLynne vw