12 mo. of Willow

We documented each month of Willow’s first year for a special collage.
Those first few days are a precious memory and now she is an active toddler!
I want to remember all the special moments, especially the way she lays her head against me and looks up with her baby blues. She prefers her cuddles over any  blanket, binky or stuffed animal.
She is standing up by herself,  likes to clap her hands and throw her head back and show off her funny rabbit grin. :)
It’s been a wonderful year with the baby of our family and joy of our hearts!©MandyLynne 4

(1st year collage inspired by the talented Simply Rosie!)©ML Willow's first year

Willow’s 1st birthday party

Willow is 1 yrs old!
Our princess was adorable on her special day.
First birthdays are all about smashing the cake, but she wasn’t sure what to do.
After just a little taste, she finished and wasn’t interested in any more.
Playing with all her cousins and adoring Grandparents was much more fun!
My sister made her a beautiful ballerina posie doll that we will cherish forever.
©MandyLynne©MandyLynne 2 ©MandyLynne 3

Aromatherapy Jewelry

I am excited to share with you some additions to my etsy shop.
Handmade antique bronze scent lockets with beaded accents.
I love wearing jewelry and these pieces come with the added benefit of aromatherapy.
Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and enjoy the uplifting benefits of essential oil all day. Available to purchase HERE.

MandyLynne aromatherapy jewelry
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A few of my favorite oils to diffuse:
Calming blend
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MandyLynne aromatherapy jewelry. copy


Willow at 7 mo.

It’s been a gorgeous Autumn!
Willow loved the leaves! She got carried away giggling when the kids jumped in their piles.
She can get around in her walker now and likes to follow all the action. Never a dull moment here!
For Halloween we got into storybook character as Little bo peep and her little lamb. Clay was a hungry fox.

©Mandy Lynne


Willow at 6 mo.

Our Willow is 6 mo. old.
I miss my teeny newborn, but this age is so fun.
I can’t believe I’ve been cuddling, nursing, and staring into this little face for 6 mo.
For this milestone I wanted to capture her sleeping.
There is nothing sweeter. Surprisingly, even with this loud & wild household she is a very light sleeper, it’s best to whisper and tiptoe around her crib.
She can sit up for small periods of time, but is the most happy in her jumper and especially being held.
She is eating infant cereal mixed with veggies. Her chatter is sounding a little more like words. She weighs over 17lbs and with her wiggling.. feels heavy fast. The other day Autumn said “Mom! Take her. Willow is so heavy. My arms need a breath!”
I agree. :) I should be amazon woman.. but mostly my back just hurts.
©ML baby 6 mo.©ML baby 6 mo. 2©ML baby 6 mo. 3 ©ML baby 6 mo. 4

School portraits 2015

©ML family.Taking a moment to document my crew.
It’s hard to believe I have one in high school.. how is that possible??
Garrett is quiet, funny & a hard worker.
His hobbies include making art & movies.

He’s excited about driving and practices as often as possible with his Grandad.
Autumn is sensitive, thoughtful & an amazing help to me.
She makes the sweetest cards & gifts.
We still read our Laura Ingalls Wilder books together each night. It’s our snuggly special time.
Clay is my heart breaker. His happy laugh & big grin are the best.

He is very active and likes to practice his saxophone, math quizzes, & funny books.

He still loves hugs & kisses as much as I do.
I’ve said it before, but motherhood is the greatest journey.
I’m blessed to be the one that guides their heart & encourages their dreams.
Our moments today are our children’s memories. Let’s make them good!

©ML family 2 ©ML family 1©ML family 3