Baby news

We are happy to share that we will be welcoming a new little addition
into our family in April. :) I can’t tell you how excited my family is!
It feels good to be in my 2nd trimester, past the difficult sickness part.
Thanks to my husband for giving me some real maternity pictures besides the quick iphone snap. He knows how to make an awkward girl feel pretty! ;)

©MandyLynne maternity ©MandyLynne maternity.

School portraits

Time for new pictures.. the school year is going so well!
I try to interview the kids each year and record their answers.
Some answers are nearly always the same.. others change each year.

One of my favorite questions.. What makes you happy?

Clay – “my mommy”  –  awwww.. ;)

Autumn – “my pink bunny”

Garrett – “reading & music”©ML school portraits

©ML - millie©ML - school portrait.©ML - school portrait ©ML school portrait G