First moments

blog.mandylynne.comWillow’s birth story.
Our little sweetie arrived on March 26.

She ignored her April due date and came over 2 weeks early. :)  I expected her to be a little early. After 4 pregnancies you begin to see a pattern to everything. I was a little low on amniotic fluid.. trying to follow my doctor’s order to drink lots of water and rest. The night before she came I didn’t sleep, but I managed to get a small nap in before my labor started at around 10 a.m.  After my water broke, it was all I could do to pack my bag between contractions and race off to the hospital. She came 5 hrs later.

I’m so thankful everything went so well.

It was love at first sight. Her first cries, chubby cheeks, tiny little fingers and toes.

She is part of all of us and she completes our family perfectly.

Even after 15 years of parenting this experience is still as exciting as our first.

I am also very blessed to have such a supportive, gentle man by my side.
We are thrilled to have another one to love

and especially happy that our daughter finally has a sister!9 copy©MandyLynne birth©MandyLynne birth.

essential oilsI thought I would share a book I have found so helpful during pregnacy, labor, baby, and postpartum healing. This is my first pregnancy to use doTerra essential oils and now I can’t imagine how I managed without them.

I had my bottle of peppermint with me during labor and it was just what I needed.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding these oils or how to use them with pregnancy.

Mandy Lynne new baby.

Mandy Lynne new baby

Baby Dalton | Mandy Lynne |Springfield, MO photographer

My cousin Rachael gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in December.
I’m glad I was able to capture a little bit of the love & tenderness of her sweet family! excited that she plans to do the same for me in a few weeks. :-)
She specializes in the most beautiful newborn portraiture in the OKC area.
©MandyLynne newborn©MandyLynne newborn.

Ready for baby! -maternity & nursery

Each day brings us a little closer to our baby, and we are so ready for her!
I’ve been busy putting finishing touches on the creative projects

that I wanted to make.
The “little ones” poster, afghan, doll, mobile, tapestry, and newborn outfit.
Her little space makes me happy. It’s only one wall in our room.

She will move into her sister’s room when she is a little older.

 It has been so fun gathering, making, & dreaming.
I am thankful that everything has gone well so far.. praying for a healthy baby & delivery.

©Mandy Lynne maternity ©Mandy Lynne handmade

Lacy outfit patterned after Mia Joy’s adorable creations. ©Mandy Lynne nursery©Mandy Lynne baby nursery 2 ©Mandy Lynne maternity.

365 photo a day project – January

The new year always gives me motivation

to make some changes or start something new.

This year I decided to begin my first ever 365 project.

It’s a little intimidating, especially with my low energy level at the moment,

but so far I’ve enjoyed the excuse to take pictures

of small things I usually overlook and forget.

I want to live in gratitude & awareness of my blessings.
I have a feeling 2015 will be a year I really want to remember!

©MandyLynne 365 project©MandyLynne 365 project 1
©MandyLynne 365 project 2 ©MandyLynne 365 project 3