School portraits

Time for new pictures.. the school year is going so well!
I try to interview the kids each year and record their answers.
Some answers are nearly always the same.. others change each year.

One of my favorite questions.. What makes you happy?

Clay – “my mommy”  -  awwww.. ;)

Autumn – “my pink bunny”

Garrett – “reading & music”©ML school portraits

©ML - millie©ML - school portrait.©ML - school portrait ©ML school portrait G

Family vacation

©Mandy Lynne ImagerieThis summer we packed up our car and headed to the mountains.
Nothing like cool mountain air in the middle of Summer.
We were making our way through the back roads of Kansas

reading Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

It dawned on me that maybe her cabin was close by.
I was thrilled to find out we were not far away from her homestead near Independence.
It was easy to see what captured her childhood imagination.
The sky seemed huge in the wide open prairie.
We passed fields of wildflowers and wheat.. even a few buffalo grazing!©MandyLynne Kansas©ML little house on the prairie©Mandy Lynne Imagerie - roadtrip jpgWe finally made it to Colorado.. it took my breath away.
Colorado is a mix of rugged high desert and alpine mountains.
Wow, I honestly wish I lived among such beauty!
It was a great to experience the 4th of July fireworks echo between the mountains.
©Mandy Lynne Imagerie- Colorado©Mandy Lynne Imagerie - family©Mandy Lynne - ColoradoWe met up with my parents & explored Pagosa Springs, Durango, Silverton, & Ouray.
My kiddos are lucky to have such doting Grandparents.
They are creating a lasting impression on their young hearts.
My Dad & Clay not only share looks, but the same fun mischievous personality.
They laughed so much on this trip.. I can still hear it!
©Mandy Lynne - Colorado 2©Mandy Lynne - Colorado trip
©Mandy Lynne - Colorado.

Silver mining ghost town near Silverton.

.. and nature journaling the wildflowers we found.©Mandy Lynne - nature journaling©Mandy Lynne - Colorado 3

©Mandy Lynne - SilvertonWe stopped by the ancient Indian cliff dwellings.
It was such a fascinating history lesson for all of us.©Mandy Lynne - Durango


Darrin & Joanna {married}

©ML - wedding.It was such a special day to witness the joy of my sister in law’s wedding day!
We are close in age so we’ve had many years to chat about her future dreams and plans.
There is a certain twinkle in her eye & whimsical spontaniety about her that I love. She also has a non stop creative flow. One of her skills is designing and sewing clothing. Her wedding dress is her latest piece.

It was beautiful with it’s delicate overlays and stitching.

Autumn and her cousins were the flower girls. It was a big day for Autumn.
She couldn’t have been more excited & proud
to dance around in her new dress and toss petals!
Congratulations Joanna & Darrin ~
May your love be just the beginning of a lifetime of happiness!
©ML - weddingD&J wedding.D&J weddingD&J. wedding

boats & berries

Springfield, MO photographer MandyLynneSummer has been beautiful this year. I’m not ready for it to end.
One of our favorite hangouts is a river a few miles from our house.
It’s perfect for swimming, floating, fishing, picnics.. and boat races.
At some point Autumn’s sail broke on hers, so we repaired with a stick and burlap.
The flowers are my favorite. She knows how to make everything pretty. :)

Springfield, MO photographer MandyLynne.Best blueberry Pie - I made blueberry pie for the first time this summer with a recipe from a local orchard.
So good I had to share!

©Mandy Lynne blueberrie pickin'

Moonrise Kingdom with Danielle Thompson

Danielle ThompsonI am so excited to share a collaboration with Danielle Thompson!
She is a phenomenally creative force in the craft industry,

creating her vintage Kitchy digital kits for scrapbooking & crafting.

I knew when she contacted me a few months ago that I wanted to capture

her signature colorful style in some special way.

We put our heads together and decided on a “Moonrise Kingdom” movie theme.
Her plan was to give the photos as a birthday gift to her husband, who is a big Wes Anderson fan.

The movie is set back in the 60′s in a quirky,

understated style about an adventure between two runaways.
It has about as much vintage feel as my smitten heart can handle.

Danielle put so much thought and care into all the details of the session.

Her boys were so adorable with their boy scout gear!
Each of the patches on their shirts carries a special meaning.
Their cooperation made the session effortless & fun.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Moonrise Kingdom session..©MandyLynne
Moonrise Kindgom.session ©MandyLynne Springfield, MO photographer Mandy LynneMoonrise Kingdom session. ©MandyLynneMoonrise Kingdom session ©MandyLynne Be sure to visit Danielle’s site:
and her Digital shop: