Summer colors


We spent some blissful time in the beautiful mountains of Colorado this summer.
Each day was full of happy moments  and summertime fun.
I’ll share more of our trip, but here is a taste of our 4th of July!

REDenvelope bowl Nothing like a cold bite of fresh watermelon..
and my favorite new serving bowl found here.
Summer colors!©MandyLynne.©MandyLynne stars&stripes

Fine Little Day

“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” Claude Monet©Mandy.Lynne Imagerie
I’ve enjoyed this season immensely.
I always look forward to the peonies blooming each May.
They are irresistible and photograph so beautifully.
I’m very glad summer has arrived..
all the fresh fruit, flowers, and produce ripe for picking.  :)

These new prints available in my Etsy shop- Mandy Lynne Imagerie.

©MandyLynneImagerie ©Mandy Lynne Imagerie peonies

Stitch & Gather *giveaway*

Stitch & Gather Jewelry Giveaway!This is for all you vintage lovers!
I am giving away one of my favorite handmade pieces to one lucky winner on
May 23!

>>   2  Rules to enter:   <<

Check out my new shop.. Stitch & Gather and choose your favorite piece.  

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Thank you so much!  See you back here soon!
Stitch & Gather Giveaway. Visit to enter!©Mandy Lynne

Stitch & Gather *shop opening*

I am very excited to announce the opening of my new shop,  Stitch & Gather!
I am selling vintage inspired handmade jewelry - embroidered designs inlaid in wooden pendants and mini scenes reminiscent of vintage paintings.

My new little shop has been a long time in the making.

I began giving these handmade necklaces away as gifts a few years ago and then the idea to sell them. This year has given me a little more time to explore new ideas, so here we are!

It finally feels like the perfect time for new beginnings.

My inspiration comes from delicate hand stitching found on vintage linens
and a collection of vintage paint by number kits.
The jewelry pieces are unique and hand crafted out of wood.

I chose this to resemble vintage wall frames, and I love the extra woodsy element.
They are tiny art pieces. I hope you enjoy them!
Stay tuned for a giveaway!©Stitch & Gather 1Stitch & Gather

MANY thanks to my sweet friend Marianna Limon
for her help on this shoot and her gorgeous friends.
They make my jewelry look fabulous!
It’s always a pleasure shooting close friendships.
The love shines through every shot!©Stitch & Gather 2

©Stitch & Gather 11

©Stitch & Gather ..©Stitch & Gather 9 ©Stitch & Gather 5 ©Stitch & Gather 3 ©Stitch & Gather 6 ©Stitch & Gather 7 ©Stitch & Gather 8