polaroid saturdays- Summer

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My little project – Polaroid Saturdays continues..

It has been a fun experience, but I’ve had a few speed bumps this summer that made it difficult.

Sadly the film has become rare and expensive. I ran out of it, purchased more bad film off ebay, and then was a bit disappointed in color shade & artistic film..

I was ready to give up, but the Impossible Project helped me out with a fresh new stack of good 600 film. Thank you IP!   I’m so happy about that. : )

I will be able to finish the year out and I can’t wait to make my scrapbook.

I simply love polaroid!

© Mandy Lynne May polaroids© Mandy Lynne June polaroids

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21 thoughts on “polaroid saturdays- Summer

  1. Jesse

    I so so LOVE this project of yours Mandy and I´m so glad and happy for you you are able to keep up with it :)
    What a beautiful way of capturing your family and make a very memorable and precious book…this will be cherished so much *hugs*

    Love and happy sunday to you and yours,

  2. Sheye Rosemeyer

    Love to see these, thank you for sharing :) I’ve had ups and downs with Polaroid film lately too, I know your frustration..still, it’s so worth it when it does go your way!
    Gorgeous shots Mandy!

  3. Judy Morgan

    Mandy, I love this project of yours and enjoy seeing all that you capture! I’m so glad that you found some more film to finish it.

  4. vicki

    This are so heartwarming and retro, Mandy….love. :) I have 3 Poloaroid cameras just waiting for film and I can’t wait to use them! Is the film from The Impossible Project really expensive? I’ll have to google it. Have a great new week, friend. Hugs!

  5. mandy Post author

    Thank you, You ladies are so sweet! Vicki, the film from the impossible project isn’t particularly expensive. It’s the original 600 film that is no longer in production that has become expensive off ebay. Fortunately the Impossible Project had a little bit of the original film left for me to purchase, because the newest attempts of theirs aren’t nearly as clear.

  6. Rachael

    These are fantastic! It’s amazing how they look 60 yeart old–the film color, the subjects, everything takes me back in time.

  7. Zoe

    I have that exact same polaroid camera I bought off ebay, but I have no idea what kind of polaroids it needs.. (or if it even works!) What kind do you use?? :)

  8. mandy Post author

    Hi Zoe, I actually use a black 600 polaroid camera most of the time.. it’s just not nearly as cute for pictures! Some of IP SX70 film is compatible for the camera pictured here.

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