14th anniversary

My hubby & I celebrated #14 this year.

We stayed in an old historic hotel and brought along a picnic & delicious homemade blackberry pies to the lake.

It was romantic & fun. I’ve made it a new goal to do this more often.
Had the best time sharing and being together without our 3 little distractions. :)

Time well spent with my sweet love!

@mandy lynne 14

@mandy lynne 14.

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do not disturb!  ;)

American Girl

Autumn turned 7 this summer and I thought it was the perfect time to give her an American Girl doll that she has always wanted.

For Autumn it was always Molly. The doll with the dark hair & bangs. She wanted a matching doll.

Because of this I couldn’t think of anything sweeter than look alike dresses too.

My  sister in law combined 2-3 vintage patterns and sewed her the Kit birthday dress.
We took a day trip to Kansas City and brought the doll back with us. Then celebrated with a tiny tea party.

She was soo excited. :) I have a feeling it will be one of  her favorite birthday memories ever.

American Girl web

American Girl web.

Sometimes I overhear conversations Autumn is having with Molly and I have to smile.. together they are the cutest American Girls!


Adding some fun new mini prints to the shop. :)

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Perfect for use as cards, gift tags, or scrapbooking

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Thanks so much!

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