Alison & Kody Wedding- . Mandy Lynne Imagerie . Springfield, MO Photographer

Alison & Kody’s summer wedding – Marland Mansion in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

It was very special to capture the love between this couple!

Their sweet love story..

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” –Lao Tzu

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“Ever since the beginning of our friendship I’ve always known Al to be different.

She doesn’t follow the crowd just because that’s what everyone is doing or that’s the way everyone else is acting.

She has a uniqueness about her that shines bright amongst a crowd of people.

She’s a beautiful young woman who respects herself and takes pride in what she involves herself in.” – Kody

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“ Kody always can make me laugh. No matter what’s going on. I’ll laugh until I cry. I love his zany sense of humor  ”

( Zany – comical because of strangeness; bizarre; ludicrously and imaginatively comical; clownish in an endearing way ) – Alison

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“One of the things I like the most about Al is her laugh.

And when I can get her to laugh the way she does when she’s completely and totally comfortable and having an awesome time sharing life with each other.

Making her laugh like that gives me butterflies.” – Kody

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“ One of the things I found out about Kody right off, and LOVED, was that he’s a ‘handy man’.

Like, knows how to do those things guys aren’t getting taught how to do anymore such as not having to get with a mechanic

because he knows how to fix it himself. Or a plumber. Or making a storage shed. Jack of all trades.  ” – Alison

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“My favorite memory from our wedding day is when we did our private ring exchange and Al sang to me.

When she sings to me my world stands still for the time being.” – Kody

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Kody and I had a long and very special friendship before I was ever able to open up and wholly let him in as more than just a friend.

He never strained my “strength” to love above what I was able and his “deeply loving” and coaxing me out of my cocoon,

gave me that strength to finally let myself love him in return. Kody doesn’t fit into that “all men are the same” category.

He was/is different. Everything that I never knew that I always needed/wanted

– and proof that there really are a few good men left out there – and I married the BEST one .

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~“My Dad calls him ‘Toady’ – he turned out to be my prince” – Alison

School year 2012

A new school year seems like the perfect time to document children.
I ask mine a list of questions each year to see how their ideas & answers change.
Each stage is a joy to watch. I love the way they are growing up!

@Mandy Lynne -A

Autumn was eager to start 1st grade in school this year!

She is so social and loves making new friends. Her favorite part is Art, lunch, & recess.


@Mandy Lynne -G

Garrett is talented in so many areas. Lately he has been a Geography whiz.

He could tell you any fact you wanted to know about every state in the US.
Now he is teaching himself Spanish & studying countries.


@Mandy Lynne -C

Clay enjoys homeschooling.

His favorite part is storytime, music break, & snack.

Clay’s 5th Birthday

My sweet Clay has turned 5!

I  pulled some circus themed decor from my vintage stash and we had a little party.

It’s been hard for me to accept that he is growing up and I don’t have any more babies around.
I have enjoyed his sweet baby stage as much as I possibly could.
We have shared so many snuggles & kisses each day.

It’s as important to him as it is for me.

Somehow he seems to know how special it is to be a kid.

He keeps us laughing and running for the bandaids too.

We love him so much!

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A shiny new big boy bike and away he goes..

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(Sweet memories from 2008 & 2010)