hustle & bustle

copyright Mandy Lynne snowOh my, busy exciting weekend!

My little lady is performing in her Christmas ballet show.
The boys are ready for the Christmas parade, Sunday family photo session

and then we are off to see the Christmas lights .

Lot’s of fun.. maybe we will fit some hot cocoa in there somewhere too.

christmas displays

Downtown Springfield

I love vintage ornaments and that Samsonite Christmas tree.. brilliant!

Enjoy your weekend.  :)

Holly & Brandon Classic Engagement . Mandy Lynne – Springfield, MO Photographer

This session is sprinkled with stardust & romance!

I captured Brandon & his beautiful fiance Holly in a classic Hollywood time period.

There is so much to love about this dazzling film era of the 1940′s.

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My cousin Brandon & I studied and worked together as graphic artists and later went in different creative directions.
He now produces short films and animation.

It was great to get together again and collaborate this session.

The best part was capturing the love of these two.

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{  Brandon & Holly  }

She’s an accountant, and I’m an artist.

Our differences keep life interesting. We make a great team, because we see things the other may have missed.

I love film and animation, her favorite movie is Gone With The Wind.

We like classic books, reading together, going to the movies or parks and greenways together.

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Prayer of Thanksgiving

copyright mandy lynne Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving and I’m  grateful for so many things, especially my family.

I am blessed to stay home with them each day and watch my them grow into the sweet, creative kids that they are.

I love to see their hands clasped together and listen to their  prayers. :)

They range from thankful, sincere, to funny.
It gives me joy to see their faith & love grow.

Here are a few of my favorite pages from their Thankful journals this week.


Have a great Thanksgiving!

Nature study

This series has a bohemian flavor and includes some of my favorite natural elements.

Copyright mandy lynne - nature

It was inspired by a small web I noticed outside my door one morning.

I’m not usually a fan of webs, knowing that the creepy spider accompanies them,

but this time I leaned in a little closer and noticed the tiny dew drops glistening in the morning light.

What a pretty sight and how nice it was to slow down & appreciate the small details!

So here is a closer look at nature..
a collection of butterflies, wild flowers, & a few wild mushrooms from our walks this fall.  :-)

Prints available {here}

Copyright Mandy Lynne nature prints