Adding some fun new mini prints to the shop. :)

Small images that make cute accents for your home office, cards, gift tags, or scrapbooking.

Polaroid style images that make cute accents for your home or office.
Perfect for use as cards, gift tags, or scrapbooking

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© MANDY LYNNE snapshotsRetro Snapshot prints 3″x4″

© MANDY LYNNE film strips

Photo Booth Filmstrips 2″x6″

© MANDY LYNNE magnets.

Mini polaroid magnets 2″x 2.25″

{Summer Love} Collection

This is a collection of happy bits, my appreciation for life, color  & those carefree moments of Summer!
In so many ways it’s my heart.. the style I love.

So please come and stay awhile.  :)

You can view the prints individually in my etsy shop HERE.

The  images look especially nice in sets.. I have arranged several different collages to give ideas.

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© mandy lynne 2


delight >> Mandy Lynne Design© mandy lynne 1© Mandy Lynne 12

chevron >> Mandy Lynne Design© mandy lynne 3© Mandy Lynne 11

canary song >> Mandy Lynne Design

© mandy lynne 5© Mandy Lynne 29

wallflowers >> Mandy Lynne Design
© Mandy Lynne 34

© Mandy Lynne 9

just a little crush>> Mandy Lynne Design© mandy lynne 6
© Mandy Lynne 21

relax >> Mandy Lynne Design

Sneak peek- Alison & Kody Wedding

Alison & Kody’s wedding was like a romantic fairytale!

The castle like setting was so lovely.
I remember Alison as an adorable little girl with a headful of curls..

so it was really special to capture her wedding day .

Alison & Kody’s love for each other was so real & beautiful.

© Mandy Lynne & Alisia K

More to come..

40 years together

My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary this year.

It was a day of love and reminiscing with friends & family.

Mom fit back into her wedding dress & Dad looked as handsome as ever.

I am very grateful to be part of a love that is as true and lasting as theirs.


A bit of history..

My parents both came from large families.

7 siblings on my Mom’s side & 9 on my Dad’s. (that made alot of cousins for me)

I love looking back through the old photos.

©MandyLynne 4

Mom is sitting on her Mother’s lap©MandyLynne 32

My Dad was always the one with the big grin. :)

©MandyLynne 2

©MandyLynne 1

My parents met through church.

They got married the day after my mom graduated from high school.. madly in love.

©MandyLynne 5©MandyLynne 6©MandyLynne 7 ©MandyLynne 8

Soon came Alisia, Charla & I .. and what a happy childhood.

©MandyLynne 9

My early memories include stepping on Dad’s feet and walking through the house together,

or piling on his back as he gave us a free horse ride.

He built our play house, swingset, bought us mini bikes,

taught us basketball & played countless games of checkers & dominos with us.

He had endless patience with my pesky questions & lively personality.

Sometimes he took his pen and wrote love notes on the palm of my hand.

©MandyLynne 10

My  memories of mom are just as wonderful.

Many mornings if I woke up early enough, I could find her in the living room reading her devotions.

I would climb up on her lap and she would hug me tight and we would spend some special time together.

She lived her life in the most giving way. My sisters & I get our creativity from her.

She always had her hand in some beautiful project..

yet somehow always managed to get supper on the table each night.©MandyLynne 110

I admire my parents for creating such a loving stable home.

They have always looked for my strengths, gave me encouragement and much needed guidance.

I appreciate their example of faith, honesty, & generosity now more than ever.

I’m glad we had this opportunity to celebrate their life.