Handmade Collages

Almost nothing gets my creative juices flowing like discovering a great stash

of  vintage fabrics, millinery flowers, lace, & buttons!

Lately I have been stitching some fun handmade things for my house.

I put together a few collages of small treasures that I have gathered from here & there.

Now available as prints in the shop. :)

copyright mandy lynne green collage

Copyright mandy lynne pink collage

9 thoughts on “Handmade Collages

  1. amy

    beautiful little collections like this make my day, too! so inspiring. makes me want to go to antique stores and dig through my drawers at the same time. i love that little bird!

  2. sunny

    just came across your etsy shop, oh my, everything’s so lovely!

    these two collages are so beautiful! beautiful!

  3. Ellen LeRoy

    I would love to make a custom, vintage camera strap for you. You create the fabric patterns and I will have it sewn into a high quality strap. You can see samples at http://www.AbieStraps.com. You have such style and need a camera strap that shows who you are.

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