handmade tuesday & *giveaway winner!*

This week’s project is a Christmas wreath made from fabric leaves and felted pompoms.

copyright mandylynne christmas wreath

My sister’s and I  had a fab weekend to ourselves… sewing, knitting, felting, watching good movies, and eating too much food.. :D

I’m still smiling and I have many new projects to share!


Also, a huge THANK YOU to all who participated in last week’s giveaway!

I enjoyed reading each and every one of your comments!  Many of them brought tears to my eyes.

You are so thoughtful and  such a blessing to me!  The drawing was a reminder of why I share here. :)

We drew a name this morning… and the winner is ROSIE! A fellow photographer- who’s work and friendship I truly enjoy.

Rosie’s memory   “..my fav christmas gift ever was probably my first one that I can remember. A little stuffed animal. i was 8. Coming from a family of 12, we rarely did gifts :). “

13 thoughts on “handmade tuesday & *giveaway winner!*

  1. Laura King

    Martha who? She has nothing on you, Queen of Crafty! This wreath is amazing of course and that weekend sounds blissful, can’t wait to see more creations. What a perfect winner, I heart Rosie!

  2. Kimberly Chorney

    What a gorgeous wreath, so glad you had a wonderful week with your sister, my sister moved this past summer, we would spend all kinds of time together crafting, I miss you her so much. A huge congrats to Rosie, she will be sooooo thrilled… so glad she won!

  3. micayla

    Congrats to Rosie, I bet she is one happy bunny.
    The wreath is stunning Mandy…you never fail to amaze me.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family.

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