Dick & Jane party

copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 15 copy

We celebrated Clay & Lily’s party together this year because their birthdays are so close.

Clay is 4 and Lily 3.  Such a sweet age for these two cousins.

Sometimes Clay is so happy to see Lily that he picks her off her feet in a big hug!

copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 3

copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 7copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 1copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 8Charla made the most adorable felt paper dolls.copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 9copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 10
copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 16copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 18copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 4Clay hammin’ it up for the camera. :)copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 13 copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 12

copyright Mandy Lynne- C&L bday 2

25 thoughts on “Dick & Jane party

  1. cailan

    I just found your blog and could not be more smitten – I just want to eat it all up. This party could not be more darling – what a precious pair! Wondered if you would please share where you get those perfectly adorable overalls for your little boy?

  2. Amanda @ Magda Row

    I love this!! I have been toying with the idea of a Dick & Jane party for my daughter recently and this is the first one I’ve actually seen done. It is so lovely! (And of course your work is beautiful as aways.) Thanks for sharing!!

  3. tammyCA

    I want to dive right into your gorgeous photographic world…the colors are calling me! Ah, to find an aqua pick up truck, if I ever do I would hug it. :)

  4. Lina R Himes

    I discovered your blog from Artful Blogging. I just started looking through your images and I am in absolute awe at everything you do. It is so inspiring. I could spend all day looking at your photographs. You are simply amazing. I aspire to be so creative. Thanks for putting a smile on my face:)

  5. Anneliese

    What a beautiful party! I love all the details and of course the photography. I found you via con botas de agua… I am so happy to be browsing your blog!

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  7. Kim

    I love the felt paper dolls and would love to have a set for my little girl. Charla should open an ETSY store and sell them :) Can also email me if willing to make a set. Thanks!!

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