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Family . Mandy Lynne -Springfield MO Photographer

Sitting at my desk editing this sunny session on a dreary day,
and it’s cheering me up!   :-)
We visited family in Oklahoma for a week this summer.
I throughly enjoyed myself watching our kids play together,

eating my cousin’s scrumptious cooking,
sewing, shopping, taking pictures around their mini farm.©MandyLynne One evening we got out and took their family pictures.
Aren’t they adorable?  mmmm…. I love them!

©MandyLynne family session 2©MandyLynne family session .©MandyLynne family session©MandyLynne couple copy©MandyLynne couple 2


Laundry Day . Mandy Lynne -Springfield MO Photographer

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and my heart is full. :)
I truly LOVE my role as a mother more with each passing year.
Sometimes I wonder how I could have been so lucky?

These children of mine are so sweet & deeply caring, it makes my heart ache sometimes.
It’s important to me that they grow up understanding what true love is.
I want them to know how much I love them, but also how much more deeply God loves them.

Understanding this unconditional love is the best example we have to love others.

I hope you have a special Mother’s day!


©MandyLynne laundromat 7

I talked husband into manning the camera for this fun session with Autumn & I one afternoon.
I will say, he did a fine job.. so many keepers!  :)  I love a retro laundromat.

(wish I would have tucked my oldest in here too.. what was I thinking?)

©MandyLynne laundromat

©MandyLynne laundromat 2©MandyLynne laundromat 3©MandyLynne laundromat 8©MandyLynne laundromat 4
©MandyLynne laundromat 5

wood & string . Mandy Lynne Imagerie . Springfield, MO Photographer

Autumn gave me the idea when she fashioned a bow out of a stick & string..
I pulled out my wooden arrow spoons and made the halo from a summer wreath.. and the rest came together naturally.
Even at her young age  she inspires me with her little creations.
Standing in the wheat colored field.. the soft wind blowing her hair.. she takes my breath away!
©Mandy Lynne deer & arrows©Mandy Lynne deer & arrows 4
©Mandy Lynne deer & arrows 3