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On the trail

It has been a beautiful season and we’ve taken every opportunity to do our favorite things.

Camping, canoeing, hiking, exploring.. collecting bits of nature along the way.
We go about it the old fashioned way with our tent and sleeping bags.
I love the smell of smoking firewood, telling stories, sipping hot cocoa and waking up to foggy early morning air.
It feels great to slow down and take it all in.

©Mandy Lynne hike
A few weeks ago I met up with my dear friend Angela Staehling and her family for a hike on the Lewis & Clark trail.
It was a colorful hike and we found so much inspiration for art projects.
©Mandy Lynne hike.@MandyLynne nature©MandyLynne fall

wood & string . Mandy Lynne Imagerie . Springfield, MO Photographer

Autumn gave me the idea when she fashioned a bow out of a stick & string..
I pulled out my wooden arrow spoons and made the halo from a summer wreath.. and the rest came together naturally.
Even at her young age  she inspires me with her little creations.
Standing in the wheat colored field.. the soft wind blowing her hair.. she takes my breath away!
©Mandy Lynne deer & arrows©Mandy Lynne deer & arrows 4
©Mandy Lynne deer & arrows 3

Family portrait 2012

Us.. right now in this pumpkin flavored season.  So thankful for each day with the ones I love.

@mandylynne family

Days are busy with learning.

Clay already has a small stack of early readers that he is able read by himself. Exciting progress for both of us.

Garrett practices his trumpet every chance he gets. (which may be the explanation behind all my recent headaches.) ;D

The trumpet is special because it was handed down from my husband’s father who passed on when he was young. So it stays.

.. and I don’t know how it’s possible, but my Autumn gets sweeter everyday. I love to hear her chatter about her day after school.

Life is good.

@mandylynne family.

A big thanks to my sister Alisia who is our family photographer!