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happy memories

Hi everyone. :) I’m still here..  hope to back in the swing of things soon.

I have been busy working to meet a seasonal art publishing deadline. We are enjoying a bit of snow too!

Dec. 25 was the last day of my project 52.. a year of Saturdays.

I’m still quite taken by instant film.

I like the simplicity of capturing a moment.. just as it is. I rarely let myself take a second shot to get it “right”.

copyright mandy lynne polaroids 2010

I plan to add the pictures into a scrapbook journal soon. :)

copyright mandy lynne . polaroidscopyright mandy lynne Sept polaroidscopyright mandy lynne Oct polaroidscopyright mandy lynne Nov 2010 polaroidscopyright mandy lynne Dec polaroids

polaroid saturdays- Summer

© Mandy Lynne polaroids

My little project – Polaroid Saturdays continues..

It has been a fun experience, but I’ve had a few speed bumps this summer that made it difficult.

Sadly the film has become rare and expensive. I ran out of it, purchased more bad film off ebay, and then was a bit disappointed in color shade & artistic film..

I was ready to give up, but the Impossible Project helped me out with a fresh new stack of good 600 film. Thank you IP!   I’m so happy about that. : )

I will be able to finish the year out and I can’t wait to make my scrapbook.

I simply love polaroid!

© Mandy Lynne May polaroids© Mandy Lynne June polaroids

© Mandy Lynne July polaroid© Mandy Lynne August polaroids

polaroid saturdays

4. 2410 polaroid

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring!

I love watching the humming birds on my back porch fluttering around the wisteria on my overhead trellis.

The warm sunshine & the intoxicating scent of the flowers & fresh cut grass makes me want to be outside.

It sounds good to escape my “to do” list with a glass of lemonade.  :)

Life is so full at the moment.. photo sessions, art deadlines, craft & sewing projects, spring cleaning..

I haven’t had the time or desire to sit at my computer and edit pictures.

…but I will be sharing more soon I promise.

I am still enjoying my Saturday Polaroid project.. it’s so fun snatching a random little piece of each weekend.

I am shooting with a Polaroid 600, but now that the Impossible Project has finally released new sx -70 film,

I am eager to try out my cute rainbow polaroid camera.

4.10 polaroid3.10 polaroid2.10 poloroid