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Q & A

Hello friends!

My inbox is always overflowing with nice people asking lots of things. I thought this might be

a great way to respond to some of the more popular questions.

Thank you for your sweet comments. I’m sure I would be lonely without them! :)

copyright mandylynne camera

How long have you been shooting?

I bought my first SLR camera 6 yrs. ago and instantly fell in love .

That’s also about the time that we logged onto the internet too!

Crazy.. it’s hard to remember what life was actually like before this new family member!

My gear



Favorite lenses

My 50 mm 1.4 recently took a tumble and I replaced it with the 85mm 1.4.

It’s a beautiful melty, dream come true.

I also own a Lensbaby Composer Pro with double optic, sweet 35 glass, Edge 80, and fish eye optic
also a 24mm 1.8 wide angle, & 60 mm 2.8 macro.


What editing program do you use?

I shoot in Manual mode  Raw setting and process my images with Photoshop CS5.


Image processing

I’m always experimenting with processing.. but if I were to recommend a set of actions for vintage color it would be Flora bella actions. Very pretty.


What time of day do I like to shoot the most?

Usually evenings and right before sunset when the warm glow makes everything magical.

The dewy white light of early morning is wonderful too.

I honestly wish I experienced it more often, but being the  night owl that I am…  :-/


Website Portfolio?

I have been waiting on a slider gallery from my host site before I update my portfolio. I promise if I have to wait much longer I will be updating my existing one!



The best part about  being a photographer is the perspective and appreciation you have for everything.

You look at your world differently.. always seeking out beauty.

You treasure the details in life a whole new way.


Advice to a new photographer?

Take your time learning your equipement. It’s not about the price of the camera. It’s what you do with it.

An artform takes alot of practice. Trust yourself. You will eventually develop your own style.


Will I allow use of my images on others website, blog header or icon?

I know most people ask this with the best intentions, but please be careful.
It’s fine to pin or feature  photographer’s images on your blog with credit,

but when it comes to using an artists images for your own promotional use it’s different.

Please request permission in writing and expect a licensing fee for website use.

An artist works hard to create the beauty you see and appreciate online.

These images are often very dear to us and invaluable for promotion and sales.

To take them for your own representation is disrespectful and goes against federal copyright laws.


Where can I  buy  the cute handmade dolls in your pictures?

I make most of the handmade toys you see in my pictures, but Etsy sells so many sweet dolls and patterns.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Wee Wonderfuls

Charla Anne



I care so much about the details. I gather ideas from everywhere and try to conceptualize something new.
I love that everything old is new again, yet recycled in a whole new way.

My style of decorating is vintage, which I also use for props.

In the end it is usually a good investment, because old things retain their value.

… it’s a good excuse for the hubby anyway!    ;)


Online shopping

Etsy – handmade

Anthropologie amazing window shopping

Ruche – vintage style clothes

Modcloth – vintage style clothes

H&M lovely, affordable

Zara–  I go straight to the kids department

Urban Outfitters decorating

Forever 21 – I buy the bulk of my clothes here

Olive Juice Kids – cute simple classic style


Ok, I think that’s it, unless you have a few more questions for me.

Thanks for listening! Have a great day. :)

“I want to be an artist when I grow up”

Actually my answer was a little different as a child.

When I was asked what I wanted my life occupation to be, I answered “Walmart” yes indeed : ) but I never did end up working there. It only seems like it’s my life occupation to shop there!

try again

I became interested in art at 11 yrs old. I sketched endlessly in a large art pad, then when I was 14 my parents enrolled me in oil painting classes at Painters Corner in Republic, MO.

The first time I sat down in front of a blank canvas I was so intimidated, but the teachers were excellent and I quickly realized what I could do with a little bit of paint.

I was forced to slow down & appreciate fine details.

After high school.. I became a graphic designer,  mural painter, and  photographer.

Once I learned the basics of art, it was easy to transfer one set of skills to another.

In many ways, I feel like my artistic journey is just beginning. It takes time to discover your own voice & style.

The process of creating is gratifying. exciting. exhilarating. frustrating. rewarding. overwhelming. consuming. energizing. & exhausting… ok, you get the picture. : )

I am trying to learn how to  balance my passion for art with the rest of my life and the special people in it.

It’s so good to have the love & support of people around me, and the skills & ability that enable me to live my dream.


I decided to include in this post  a few examples of what I have been doing the last 10 yrs… faux/mural wall treatments & canvas pieces.




One of my favorite projects was for Principe de Paz.. a girls home in Guatemala. I had the privilege to make some very worthy little girls home a bit more cheery!

The girls helped me paint the flowers on their Mary Englebreit mural.