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Time to learn – School room

©MandyLynne schoolroom

I have been thinking alot lately about creating an environment of learning in my home.
From the games we play, to the books we read, and music we listen to.
I am trying to be more intentional about our time, and make it as educational &  fun as possible.
We changed things up a little in our schoolroom.
Creating a corner for reading, a music station, and a table for creative projects.
We love spending time here!

©MandyLynne schoolroom.

©MandyLynne schoolroom 2©MandyLynne schoolroom 3

Fabric letter project inspired here.
©MandyLynne schoolroom 4

Geography games.. there are so many ways to be creative with this!


If you are a blog reader and have good ideas about teaching & learning techniques, I would love to hear about it!

School days

It’s been a great year!

© Mandy Lynne k

I really enjoyed teaching my little missy to read and watch her learn so many new things.

We kept it fun with field trips, dance,  &  special days with friends.

I have more respect than ever for homeschooling mothers.

Teaching isn’t for the faint of heart. Some days I felt like declaring the whole day a recess!
But I’ll treasure this year for the sweet memories & the new insight that I have about how she learns,

what her strengths are, & her lively imagination.
We plan to fill our summer with lots of games, craft, science experiments.. and relaxing too!

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© Mandy Lynne k11

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© Mandy Lynne k9

happy days

Dear sweet childhood, please don’t pass this mama by too quickly.

Copyright mandy lynne- play

The last few weeks of homeschooling have been a success!

It’s what I hoped it would be.

The curriculum we follow has a great variety of learning & creative fun activities.

The best thing…  it’s an extra year of my daughter at home all day with me. :)

School room

Here we are.. our classroom!

It was a big decision, but I am glad to be teaching at home this year.

I think it will be a great opportunity to make memories with structured learning & play time together.

copyright mandy lynne school 9

The desk on the right is Autumn’s ..  mine.. and Clay’s play area.

The last time his area will look so tidy I am sure!

copyright mandy lynne school 12

Handstiched & painted details.

copyright mandy lynne school 10

copyright mandy lynne school 11

I organized all our school books and craft projects in drawers & crates..

ok, I think that’s everything but an American flag..must get one! :-)
copyright mandy lynne school 13

off to school!

My missy is starting her Kindergarten year!
She has loved books since she was a toddler, so I can’t wait to watch her learn to read. :)

The last few weeks, I have been converting my office into a school room.

I’ll share that tomorrow..

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