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Time to learn – School room

©MandyLynne schoolroom

I have been thinking alot lately about creating an environment of learning in my home.
From the games we play, to the books we read, and music we listen to.
I am trying to be more intentional about our time, and make it as educational &  fun as possible.
We changed things up a little in our schoolroom.
Creating a corner for reading, a music station, and a table for creative projects.
We love spending time here!

©MandyLynne schoolroom.

©MandyLynne schoolroom 2©MandyLynne schoolroom 3

Fabric letter project inspired here.
©MandyLynne schoolroom 4

Geography games.. there are so many ways to be creative with this!


If you are a blog reader and have good ideas about teaching & learning techniques, I would love to hear about it!

Home tour [kitchen]

©mandylynne kitchen

Moving on with our home tour..  the busiest room of the house!

I recently painted my island an apple green color with a chalkboard inset and painted words.

It’s my daily reminder to think positive. :)

©mandylynne kitchen island

©mandylynne kitchen 2©mandylynne kitchen 3

©mandylynne kitchen 4

Glass 20″ frames – Ikea

Counter stools –

Metal cage drum pendant  - Shades of light

Various Flea Market finds

©mandylynne kitchen 5

I am thankful for my little helpers. :)
They put away the dishes each day without complaint.

Home tour [living]

Home.. a place of loving & living.

@Mandy Lynne living

As you can see by this post- I love color!

The hearth room is special because it brings us together. It’s a cozy comfortable place to spend our time.

A couple years ago I decided to change things up from a neutral traditional palette > see below to something a bit more fun.


I started by painting the walls. For my main living space I chose a muted grey/seafoam.

My goal was to pick up a midcentury theme without investing in all new furniture.
It evolved into  a whimsical collection of handmade details & flea market finds
.. and always a work in progress. ;)

@Mandy Lynne living 1

@Mandy Lynne living 2

@Mandy Lynne living 8
@Mandy Lynne living 6@Mandy Lynne living 4@Mandy Lynne living 5The record player/console is a recent addition from my grandparents.

We are having a great time listening to & collecting the old records!

office – Home tour

Hello.. :) I’ve decided to focus on a little series highlighting the home decorating projects that I have been working on for the last year.


My computer corner get’s alot of our attention each day, so I’ll start here..

@Mandy Lynne

My office was feeling a little dark and dreary, so I brightened it up with a fresh coat of cream paint.

Then I set about looking for a desk.

I was thrilled to find something retro and then a cute set of vintage matchbox holders to hold small misc art supplies.

The 60′s floral dinette chair was another lucky flea market find. It is padded just enough for long hours of photo editing.

So here it is.. my very simple command center,  minus the usual cup of coffee & abundant stack of  papers!

@Mandy Lynne.