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Florida 2012

Special memories from our trip

©Mandy Lynne F1It was an exciting experience for the kids to join my parents in Florida.
Autumn couldn’t wait to fly.. she was so sure she would see unicorns out the window on the flight over.
Garrett was fascinated by sea shells and Clay’s first memories of the ocean.
We spent the week swimming in the pool, visiting the parks, outdoor markets , delicious cafes.. and playing at the beach!

©Mandy Lynne F2

©Mandy Lynne F3

©Mandy Lynne F4©Mandy Lynne F5©Mandy Lynne F7©Mandy Lynne F8©Mandy Lynne F10©Mandy Lynne F6©Mandy Lynne F14©Mandy Lynne F15

I couldn’t resist bringing along my handmade goodies!

©Mandy Lynne F13©Mandy Lynne F20

©Mandy Lynne F21

We saw quite a few aligators sunbathing at Macaya National Park. My Dad treated the boys to Aligator stew. ek!©Mandy Lynne F23 ©Mandy Lynne F12

©Mandy Lynne F11.

Me & mine.. and a perfect week to remember!

i phone <3

So.. I am finally a happy owner of an iphone & instagram. yay! :) Life will never be the same!

Here are a few that make me smile. I hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend!

© mandy lynne iphone.