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Elf on the shelf

We don’t need much help getting into the Christmas spirit,

but this year we started a new tradition with an elf we named “Ralph”.
He leaves little surprises or notes in his bag each day telling the kids something fun we are going to do together.

It has been the sweetest thing watching their excitement!

© MandyLynne Elf

Our elf was made by “love, Charla Anne.”

You can visit her Etsy shop for this adorable pattern.

wood & string . Mandy Lynne Imagerie . Springfield, MO Photographer

Autumn gave me the idea when she fashioned a bow out of a stick & string..
I pulled out my wooden arrow spoons and made the halo from a summer wreath.. and the rest came together naturally.
Even at her young age  she inspires me with her little creations.
Standing in the wheat colored field.. the soft wind blowing her hair.. she takes my breath away!
©Mandy Lynne deer & arrows©Mandy Lynne deer & arrows 4
©Mandy Lynne deer & arrows 3