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Prayer of Thanksgiving

copyright mandy lynne Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving and I’m  grateful for so many things, especially my family.

I am blessed to stay home with them each day and watch my them grow into the sweet, creative kids that they are.

I love to see their hands clasped together and listen to their  prayers. :)

They range from thankful, sincere, to funny.
It gives me joy to see their faith & love grow.

Here are a few of my favorite pages from their Thankful journals this week.


Have a great Thanksgiving!

Nature study

This series has a bohemian flavor and includes some of my favorite natural elements.

Copyright mandy lynne - nature

It was inspired by a small web I noticed outside my door one morning.

I’m not usually a fan of webs, knowing that the creepy spider accompanies them,

but this time I leaned in a little closer and noticed the tiny dew drops glistening in the morning light.

What a pretty sight and how nice it was to slow down & appreciate the small details!

So here is a closer look at nature..
a collection of butterflies, wild flowers, & a few wild mushrooms from our walks this fall.  :-)

Prints available {here}

Copyright Mandy Lynne nature prints

Once upon a time

“On the edge of a big and gloomy wood, A wee little house with a garden stood..”

Can you guess what these two were for Halloween?
Gingerbread cookies never tasted so good!  :)Copyright Mandy Lynne H & G 1Copyright Mandy Lynne H & G 3Copyright Mandy Lynne H & G 2Copyright Mandy Lynne H & G 8Copyright Mandy Lynne H & G 4Copyright Mandy Lynne H & G 5

Hansel & Gretel spoon puppets from the pattern book Wee Wonderfuls.

Copyright Mandy Lynne H & G 10

Copyright Mandy Lynne H & G 6Copyright Mandy Lynne H & G 9Copyright Mandy Lynne H & G 7