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School room

Here we are.. our classroom!

It was a big decision, but I am glad to be teaching at home this year.

I think it will be a great opportunity to make memories with structured learning & play time together.

copyright mandy lynne school 9

The desk on the right is Autumn’s ..  mine.. and Clay’s play area.

The last time his area will look so tidy I am sure!

copyright mandy lynne school 12

Handstiched & painted details.

copyright mandy lynne school 10

copyright mandy lynne school 11

I organized all our school books and craft projects in drawers & crates..

ok, I think that’s everything but an American flag..must get one! :-)
copyright mandy lynne school 13

off to school!

My missy is starting her Kindergarten year!
She has loved books since she was a toddler, so I can’t wait to watch her learn to read. :)

The last few weeks, I have been converting my office into a school room.

I’ll share that tomorrow..

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copyright mandy lynne boy collage

My rough & tumbly sweet boy has turned 4. :)
Because I am a photographer mom, I take lots of pictures of him.

I am always drawn to the ones where he is grinning ear to ear because that is just who he is.

An energetic, jumping, laughing little boy who likes cars, puppies, games..

actually it doesn’t take much to make him seriously happy..  or tragically sad. hehe

The drama can be a little crazy, but I love how many times each day he makes me laugh. He is so special to me.

copyright mandy lynne C1

copyright mandy lynne C5copyright mandy lynne C6copyright mandy lynne C4copyright mandy lynne C3

copyright mandy lynne C7

Little red overalls by Tuesday’s Child.