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Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Mandy Lynne – Springfield, MO Photographer

Copyright Mandy lynne Audrey 1

I met Meredith this fine Spring morning, coffee & pastries in hand..

ready to shoot a few scenes from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

As it turns out Meredith adores Audrey Hepburn as much as I do.
She is also a mother, a talented piano teacher & hat designer.
We had so much fun with this ~

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Tracy. Mandy Lynne – Springfield, MO Photographer

I have always favored classic love songs by  Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong &  Frank Sinatra.

This spring I have been concepting a collection of romantic images.

My inspiration was Audrey Hepburn.. her words, heart, beauty & talent.
I’ll share my entire collection sometime next week.


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Tracy was my gorgeous model for this session. She made my vision with the bike come to life in a beautiful way.

.. I happen to think she looks very much like Rachel McAdams from “The Notebook” ;)

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counting my blessings

copyright mandy lynne mothers day

This weekend reminds me of how blessed I am.

Here are a few of the reasons..

copyright mandy lynne peonies 3

The way he snuggles.. his hugs & kisses warm the very depths of me.

He says “Mommy I love you soooo much!

When am I going to grow up and be little? I want to be  your baby forever, ok mommy?”

copyright mandy lynne A3

The way she giggles.. and the gifts & cards she is always making for others.

She has such a sweet tender heart.

copyright mandy lynne A2.

copyright mandy lynne G The way he chatters.. and finds the funny in everything.

He has matured so much in the last year. I spend alot of  time answering his questions & explaining the meaning of everything.

His sense of awareness about what is cool & acceptable has increased too, making any public displays of affection a little awkward..hehe

but after bedtime prayers,  He often says, “just one more kiss?? please?”

copyright mandy lynne G2


I treasure the flowers & handmade cards from my children more than anything.

They know how to make my heart happy and have a distinct way of expressing their love.

I assume the love they give is what they need, so I am responding in kind.

It reminds me of the book  The 5 love languages.

Now, I know if I could only hold onto these days forever, I would be so tempted.

Happy Mother’s day to each of you!