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Works of art imitate and provoke other works of art, the process is art itself.  -Edward Hirsch

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I was asked on my Facebook page what my influences are.. what inspires my photography?


Influences:  First I’ll take a look back.  When I was a young teenager my favorite magazine was Victoria.

Images of dreamy country scenes, women in hats & vintage picnics filled my imagination and I enjoyed reading about women

that stepped out and followed their bliss, turning their creative hobbies into a profitable business.

I hoped it would be me someday.  :-)

I also read alot of historical fiction and watched movies like The Sound of Music & Anne of Green Gables

soo many times that I could recite much of the script & songs by heart.

I’m sure in some way I was shaped by these things.

When I analyze what I have created as an artist, I feel nostalgia for a simpler time that I missed being a part of.

Unfortunately, I’m not a time traveler.. so photography will have to be my means of trasportaation! :D

It’s a rewarding process to create something from your imagination.

It only takes a spark… an image, a scene from a movie, song lyrics, a distant memory.. then something new & exciting evolves from it.

I want to explore vintage style until I have understood and felt part of it.

My favorite inspiration right now…  Mad Men cocktail dresses, Audrey Hepburn pearls, Taylor Swift style updos, Julie Blackmon photography

Favorite Style Periods…  classic Hollywood, 50’s housewife, old school retro, and a mad new crush on the 60’s!

Patina {farmers market} part 1 . Mandy Lynne -Springfield MO Photgrapher

copyright mandy lynne flower market 2

It seems I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some of my best girlfriends this year. :-)

Patina is one of the most creative, inspiring people I know and her daughter simply Adorable!

Both of us love retro style, so we put our heads together for this sweet downtown session.

copyright mandy lynne flower market copycopyright ML

{flower fairy}

One vintage pillowcase, inspiration from a children’s book, $10 supplies from Hobby Lobby, and one very happy flower fairy!

copyright mandy lynne flower fairy

The Song of
The Marigold Fairy

Great Sun above me in the sky,

So golden, glorious, and high,

My petals, see, are golden too; They shine, but cannot shine like you.

I scatter many seeds around;

And where they fall upon the ground,

More Marigolds will spring,

more flowers

To open wide in sunny hours.

It is because I love you so,

I turn to watch as you go;

Without your light, no joy could be.

Look down, great Sun, and shine

on me!