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make a wish

copyright mandy lynne party

This picture makes me smile. : )

Maybe because it looks a bit like a quirky Norman Rockwell painting?

or maybe because all my children’s birthdays fall during the  summer

whoo!  keeps me busy.

So pass a piece of cake.. and make it chocolate if you please.

This has always been my favorite.. I used to make it out of an old cookbook of my grandmas.

chocolate cake

Be warned.. this cake deliciously rich. A little bit goes along way, even for serious chocoholics like me!

[shop update] Yellow Collection

Introducing a fresh new set of dreamy prints to my shop Skippy Designs.

yellow collection

This collection was a work of love for me.

Sewing, cutting, gluing, creating.. and when I look at the final results I realize what a reflection it is of myself.

Many of the details make up my memories. The green car.. just like my Grandpa’s.

Handwritten letters .. my husband & I wrote tons of love letters to each other before we were married.

Sheet music… I still have a stack of piano music that I once played.

Tulips from my garden.

Photography seems to be an undeniable expression of who I am.

Is this true for you?

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{Lily Grace}

Love knows no limits, color, or distance. Love makes a family.

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When my sister, Charla told me 5 yrs ago that she was seriously considering adopting, I was overjoyed.

There were so many conversations about all the details..

How would it impact our family? what gender? what nationality? would she be healthy?

Charla & her husband decided on South Korea.

Once the paperwork was finished, there was so much waiting for news.. any news.

Finally the phone call came!

Lily was 10 months old when she became part of our family… a year ago.

She is truly loved and an answer to prayer for my sister.
I’m quite the proud aunt too. ; )

We live a few miles away.. so I’m able to see her often and  my sister & I talk so much, I think miss Lily is convinced I live inside their phone. lol ;D

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