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Josh & Whitney Wedding . Mandy Lynne Imagerie . Springfield, MO Photographer

Full post of wedding day happiness..  photography: Mandy Lynne &  Alisia K

Mandy Lynne Originals story. (477)

Mandy Lynne Photography story. 5Mother & daughter getting ready for a  beautiful day..

Mandy Lynne Photography 3 story. (17)Mandy Lynne Photography 3 story. (12)

This one.. sigh…

She is gorgeous in the soft window light.

0003867574030_500X500Mandy Lynne Photography story. (5)Mandy Lynne Photography. story(83)

So many pretty details! A true DIY wedding..

The bride designed her flowers and even made her own wedding cake the day before!

Mandy Lynne Photography 2  story.(2)

{First look}

Mandy Lynne Photography 1 story. (20)

Young love..  so sweet!

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Mandy Lynne Photography story6 (4)Mandy Lynne Photography 6 story. (6)Mandy Lynne Photography 1 story.. (44)Mandy Lynne Photography 5 story. (19)

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Congratulations! wishing you all the best Josh & Whitney.

.mother’s day.

copyright mandy lynne~ mom

Wishing my Mom a lovely day!

Thank you mom for loving, praying and always giving of your time to others.

You’re never too busy to lift the load of someone else.

My childhood memories are full of your many acts of kindness to friends & strangers..

I remember a stranded young girl in need.. you listened to her, fed her, and paid for her bus ticket to wherever she was needing to go. I have other memories of you cleaning & cooking for the elderly, sending out cards.. and now you volunteer so much of your time with hospice etc.

Thank you Mom.. you are loved by many and the ultimate role model to me!  love,  M

polaroid saturdays

4. 2410 polaroid

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring!

I love watching the humming birds on my back porch fluttering around the wisteria on my overhead trellis.

The warm sunshine & the intoxicating scent of the flowers & fresh cut grass makes me want to be outside.

It sounds good to escape my “to do” list with a glass of lemonade.  :)

Life is so full at the moment.. photo sessions, art deadlines, craft & sewing projects, spring cleaning..

I haven’t had the time or desire to sit at my computer and edit pictures.

…but I will be sharing more soon I promise.

I am still enjoying my Saturday Polaroid project.. it’s so fun snatching a random little piece of each weekend.

I am shooting with a Polaroid 600, but now that the Impossible Project has finally released new sx -70 film,

I am eager to try out my cute rainbow polaroid camera.

4.10 polaroid3.10 polaroid2.10 poloroid

{sneak peak} Josh & Whitney Wedding

Remember (this) gorgeous couple?

I recently had the opportunity to photograph their wedding in a vineyard overlooking the rolling hills of Defiance, Mo.

I love the country setting, soft colors, rustic elegance of this wedding..

I know this is more than a sneak peak, but the wedding was beautiful & this couple so in love that it was hard to stop at just one!   more to come~

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Whitney & Cami are best friends and nearly a foot difference in height, so Cami was enjoying this moment!copyrightmandylynne 10copyrightmandylynne 12copyrightmandylynne 11