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running on empty.

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If there is one photo that speaks to me more than the others that I have taken this year, it is this one.

(lucky for me, it was unposed)

It has a down & out feeling that reminds me of economic hard times.

Something we hear about on the news on a daily basis.. something that touches us deeply.

It’s been a particularly challenging year for several reasons, but my hope is that these experiences

are making me stronger, more resilient, a better & more caring human being.

I hold onto hope ..  and look forward to a fresh new year!

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lazy afternoon

another favorite..

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I bought some vintage newspaper comics off ebay with the idea of taking this picture.

I was looking for an old airstream, but we happened upon this great old house with a red door instead.

copyright mandylynne d

It reminds me of a favorite memory… curling up everyday after school with my funnies and a bowl of ice cream!

I grew up without a TV so my memories include newspaper comics over cartoons.

3. mandy copy

circa 1985

love me some silly piggy tails too! :)

hohoho :)

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Poor santa had a tough choice, but was ultimately wooed over by the tasty treats left out for him to enjoy.

Christmas was saved and it was wonderful… holly, jolly & wintery white!

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Have a great weekend everyone!

{Christmas Eve}

copyright mandy lynne 1

On a winter night
When the moon is low
The rabbits hop on the frozen snow,
The woodpecker sleeps in his hole in the tree
And fast asleep is the chickadee
Twelve o’clock
and the world is still
As the Christmas star comes over the hill
The angels sing, and sing again:
“Peace on earth, goodwill to men.”

copyright mandy lynne 2

sweet notes

One of the best parts of being a mom, is enjoying the free entertainment our kids naturally give us. : )

They make the most gloomy cold day full of warm sunshine with their happy chatter & all the funny things they do!

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