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holiday blues

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.. or maybe I should say *after* holiday blues..

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, with lots of plans for the weekend..

unfortunately a foot injury slowed me down! Ouch.

I am hoping it’s only a sprain.. trying to rest & stay off of it as much as possible.

Less housework & more photo editing.. I guess it’s not all bad! : )

The Great Give

I’m so excited to part of The Great Give this holiday season!

This is a contest put on by Lindsey from

Her inspiring blog is all about living a life of gratitude and celebrating beauty & creativity.

What do you have to do  to enter? Simply do a good deed! That’s it!

Once your done, right about it on your blog or mail your entry to:

and comment on her post with a link directing her to your great give.

What can you win? This, this or this!

There will be three lucky winners who will take home over $1600 in prizes between them.

Be sure to turn in your link by December 7th at midnight CST., Winners will be announced by December 11th, 2009


This 9×9 clipboard and print from my etsy shop Skippy Designs is included in the prize package

along with so many other amazing items from etsy & online  shops..

including one of my favorite clothing sites Ruche and a new discovery for me Shabby Apple!

Now I must get busy thinking of a something special I can do for others this holiday season!

This touches on a subject that I have been thinking about for awhile now…

{Serving others}

the church I attend has many great outreach ministries, but I have also had a strong desire for awhile now to serve people in my community with the skills that I possess

I am not sure if this will be photography  related or something else entirely, but I am open to direction.

If you happen to have any suggestions for me.. I would love to hear them!


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thankful for ..

laughter in my house. little arms that warm my neck . coffee. good conversation. craft days. date nights. inspiring people & artisans. spell check. health. freedom. the opportunity to work from home. everything that is right in the world. God’s unfailing love. for all the time behind me, and all the time left to live… I am so very thankful.
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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

nature <3

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“Look mom, it’s a leaf.. with a heart in it!”

I was happy to have my camera that day to capture the moment, as the brittle leaf didn’t survive our walk.

This year, we were once again enjoying the last bits of Autumn.. when we happened upon another natural heart.

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Maybe these sweet treasures are a start of a new fall tradition. I do hope so!copyright mandylynne 3.

Rt. 66

Summer files… I’m sure I took enough pictures this summer to keep me busy editing all winter long!

I love exploring retro themes and currently I’m having fun with Rt 66.

copyright mandy lynne photo rt 66 1

My husband & I occasionally take small road trips, usually purpose oriented, and not quite the leisurely pace I would like.

I often wish we would get off the interstate and drop by all the antique stores I see along the way!

Rt 66 would seem like the perfect answer to this romantic idea of a road trip. The old hwy runs through our town and the signs have been beckoning me to follow it out.

Of course I have been daydreaming about this for a while now! : )

My little family headed to California on the old hwy with an air stream hooked on the back…

exploring main street, shopping at flea markets, sipping soda at the local diner, mailing postcards back home, completely enjoying ourselves.

Recently we decided to sample a piece..

My husband who loves maps & such.. thought it was a great idea.

It started out so fun! We saw so many interesting things that I never realized were close by.

After awhile, my husband became interested in seeking out the “real Rt. 66”


1. original stretches of hwy mostly hidden by weeds, sometimes used for utility roads, and even private driveways. 2. terribly bumpy, narrow roads… not fit for modern travel. 3. completely forgotten about roads … and for good reason!

Hrs passed as we explored.. my kids are normally quite patient, but their good nature eventually ran out.

Boredom and fussing set in, along with way too many potty breaks.

At some point I realized it was only a ploy to get out the car and stretch their legs.
(typical family roadtrip. eh?) Overall we managed to stretch a 4-5 hr. trip into 15 very long hrs…
and that included cheating by jumping on the interstate for an hour!

The experience did make for some good laughs & fun pictures though.. and of course that made it worth it for me.

But the romantic daydream needs a reality check and a several months to accomplish, not to mention some better back seat entertainment. : )

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{autumn engagement} . Mandy Lynne Imagerie . Springfield, MO Photographer

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Autumn is the perfect season for love.

There is something about the sights and smells of autumn that make me want to spend all my time outside soaking up the warmth.

A perfect day would include a long walk through the leaves, a picnic and then going home to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa & the one I love.

These pictures make me want to do just that!

Thank you Josh & Whitney for the inspiration.. I enjoyed the afternoon with you and look forward to your vintage garden wedding in the Spring!

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