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into the sunset

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this evening we took the pony to the park to play.

the cute toy that i made for Clay’s first birthday

(the toy that spends way too much time looking cute on a shelf.. and not enough time being played with!)

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we walked by the pond.

laughed at the silly ducks….

(ducks that were so busy chasing each other, that they hardly noticed little hands held out to feed them.)

we stopped and admired the rose garden.

and then played on the playground until sunset.

at sunset the fireflies came out and dazzled us with a pretty light show.

we darted around trees & chased them through the field

as they teased us with their blinking lights.

it felt like a summer dance.

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sigh, a relaxing summer evening.

the kind that i wish i could bottle up..

just like the glowing fireflies in our jar.

.thank you.

my inbox seems to be  full and overflowing with kindness lately…


Thanks to blu domain and one of my favorite decorating blogs.. decor8

I have received countless letters expressing the warmest thoughts. I feel humbled & grateful.


I simply adore decor8.

Holly’s blog features  so much inspiring talent & artistic beauty.

I could spend hrs just browsing..

I am surprised & happy that I inspire her as well!

stars & stripes forever~

some weekends you want to take lots of pics to remember the good times


look at all those belly buttons! i was seriously wanting to grab & tickle

but instead i kept behind the camera and performed my normal dork routine to get eye contact & a few giggles. :)


H copy


my little guy hanging on for dear life as he gulped down oreos.. :)

the firework display was so patriotic with a singing choir.. i felt my spirit being lifted as we sang the anthem. what a gift freedom is!


we even snuck in a shopping trip, making our rounds to all my favorite antique stores. oh, and we got lucky.. just look at all our loot!