Monthly Archives: June 2009

clubs and bugs.

boy scout camp. track camp. vbs. summer school… (bummer school according to garrett)

made the first few weeks of summer so busy.


now it’s time to enjoy the lazy summer activities..

stacks of library books. swimming. cookouts. movies in the park. playing in the creek & tasty popsicles are waiting for us!

oh, what’s not to love about summer!

the only thing that i dislike are a few pesky bugs that come out. japanese beetles in particular love to dine on my wisteria.

we keep spraying.. and they keep dying by the hundreds on our back porch. eech!

{meet lily grace}


my beautiful new niece… a special delivery all the way from South Korea!

she is an answer to prayer & a dream come true for my sister.

we have been looking forward to seeing her sweet little face for so long!

she has truly won our hearts with her happy smiles & cute personality. :)



welcome home Lily Grace!!



as seen by my talented sister…. Alisia

thanks girl, for working your magic on me!

it’s been awhile since i’ve had some real portraits of myself..

now i have more than i know what to do with!










this is my favorite mural downtown. ( wish i could say that i painted it!)

art nouveau is a style i would really like to explore more.


i was recently asked to be featured on blu domain.. my website host company. of course i said yes :)


blu domain offers so many great website choices.. it was hard to choose! i am very happy with the functionality of my site.

{daddy day}


happy father’s day to all the loved daddy’s out there!

my husband took my oldest son camping with his two brothers and their boys. hopefully the start of a new tradition!



hugs & kisses to my own daddy whom i admire even more now than i did when i was a kid.

he has always been a hard working family man with a tender heart and concern for others.

thanks dad.. for the countless hours you spent building things for us (swing set, playhouse, etc.) riding bikes, playing basketball. teaching us things.

you have always been there. my rock. the one i still go to for life’s difficult decisions.

is it any wonder my first word was dada? :)




i have been wanting to create these silhouettes for awhile now..

it was a bit tricky, but i think i captured my kid’s likeness fairly close.

they are happily hanging in three little frames in the corner of my living room.

now i can think of nothing better than to have these lovelies around my neck!


luckymebeads on Etsy



4 things i <3 about you.

1. your gentleness. sunny disposition. shy smile & infectious giggles that fill our house with sweetness.

2. your love of pink. strawberry shortcake. and how someday you will grow up to be a princess.. so you say.

3. the way you flit around like a butterfly. feet barely touching the ground. humming a melody known only to you.

4. your name.. Autumn. i loved it for so long and was so happy to give it to you. it fits you well i think.

you are a bit of warmth on a cool autumn day. dark hair flying in the breeze as you run to me..wrapping your little arms around my neck.

may the love between us last forever.

happy birthday my sweetheart.

xo mommy