Monthly Archives: April 2009

little boy. BIG personality


i “huwt mommy, i huwt!” (hurt).

these little words i hear many times a day.
the hurt only lasts until i kiss the boo boo and we are back in business.
the business of running, jumping, climbing, and all sorts of death defying acts.
gasp! my husband & i laugh about the hospital bills we know will surely be a-coming!
but on the bright side we have a fun spirited little boy that adds so much life to our house.

i wouldn’t trade him for anything… girly, pink, or lacy…





wanna know what makes me want to spin around and dance happily?
GREEN grass.
the soft fresh variety that comes bursting out of the earth each spring.
I knew this year i wanted to get out and shoot in it.

we had a wonderful time :)






oh baby, the places you will go..

the people you will meet. the friends you will know.


story time is a favorite time for my children.

when i say “let’s read a book!”

their faces light up and they scramble for the book basket in the corner of our living room.

the next moment i am smothered in books and kids competing for my lap.

it’s a wonder to me that they like books so much in today’s world of kid’s tv programing, but they love it, love it..

and it’s a joy for me too. holding them close as we read adventures of their favorite characters.


sweet dreams @ 21 mo.


when he sleeps i am reminded of what a baby he still is.

sometimes i sit and listen to the soft steady breathing and admire his chubby features,

long lashes and sweet kissable cheeks. mmm..

his mouth turns up with a smile… so i know he must surely be dreaming of his next wild & messy toddler adventure.

but until he wakes i can pretend that he will be my sweet baby forever~

sleep little one.. dream the sweetest of dreams.


handmade goodness



introducing my daughter’s new summer wardrobe. :)

i so enjoyed sewing these little dresses.

most were designed using  oliver & s patterns and the fun fabrics came mostly from here & here .

i was so busy this winter designing my website & starting a photography business… feeling overwhelmed at times.

it felt good to take a few breaks and be creative.


3 copy

the green dress & apron with the festive little animals jumping around is my daughter’s favorite.

as i sewed, she would come up, gently touch the animals and say .. “oh mommy, it’s so beautiful!! can Autumn have it?”

my heart is full and i feel inspired once again.

happy easter!

Easter tradition:

baskets piled high with yummy chocolate goodies and hearts filled with gratefulness for the beauty of the Resurrection.


Easter dawned rainy & soggy this year, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of anyone..


when i was young we looked forward to easter so much.

the night before easter service i carefully laid out my new dress and shoes.

the next morning my mom stood by with her camera while we dashed around in search of hidden treasure.

she made the day so special. this photo of the 3 of us brings it all back for me.


i’m the one in lavender….

gotta love the matching dresses! :)